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At BSL, we do not operate merely as study abroad consultants; we are a guide and a well-wisher all the way through your trip to accomplishment. We consider that learning is an indispensable aspect of the creation of a brilliant career for every learner. For this reason, we let the scholar to get experience at the international level, which is deemed imperative in present times. One cannot just wait for a degree from any university or institution of higher education and get a good placement. The recruiters are looking for exceedingly competent people, who are also familiar with the international arena. To make it to the zenith in the specialized field, a student requires a bit more to reach success in a short span of time. The rationale behind encouraging foreign education is that in the local institutions, a learner barely gets the opportunity to intermingle on an international level and comprehend the global transformation. The education system and the chances are very restricted as compared to the foreign institution of higher education. In a foreign country, institutions offer the students realistic knowledge, not just a hypothetical one which is deemed to be crucial in the present day’s world to make it to the zenith.

Here’s how BSL can help you choose the Right Course Educational Pathway Preparation:

This is to offer students with a career path with proper reason based on their information set, ability and inclination.

Admission Direction:

Studying overseas is pursuing educational prospect in a nation other than one’s own. This can be primary, secondary, and post-secondary education. Proper guidance is required at all levels.

Language Assessments:

At BSL, New Delhi, we offer IELTS coaching and PTE coaching. We are a renowned brand in this field all over India, especially in Delhi.

Career Guidance:

Career counseling is offered to students wishing to study overseas.BSL is the most reliable abroad education and study visa consultants in Delhi. We are leaders in

providing every solution to all your universal study requirements. We are linked with prestigious

institutions in the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Singapore, New Zealand, Mauritius, Germany,

Ireland and Malaysia. The main action lies in backing up students to make precise selections with regard to pursuing education in international educational institutions. Our abroad education consultants guide beginners to make the right judgment for their profession. We realize our responsibility in molding up the life and career of aspirants all over the country.

We’ll help you choose the ideal course that best goes well with your career objective


Whether you’re still taking into account possible courses, confused between two fields of learning, or have no plan about the type of career you wish for, we can facilitate you to locate the best course and synchronize your university application.

Our Team will help you choose the best course for you


With so many courses and colleges to decide from, finally choosing an institution to study overseas can be a scary task. Don’t be anxious; we are here to support you throughout the whole process. Our teams

are supported by a refined awareness matching arrangement that holds all the most up-to-date details of our associated institutions, including schools, English language colleges, vocational colleges, and universities.

Things to be kept in mind before you choose a course  Think about the timelines and Cost

Having a thorough knowledge about how much a course will cost and how much you can manage to pay for your studies are important factors in deciding where and what to learn. Cautiously decide the academic year you aspire to register in and the intake you want to submit an application for. Keep in mind, every nation has its own intake and you must time your application process

Survey study overseas intakes

Our trained counselor will also direct you through the feasibility of when, where, and how you can submit an application to study and begin your course in desired places.

Course experience and campus life

The atmosphere and ethnicity of an institution of higher education are significant factors in shaping how pleased and cheerful you’ll be in your classes. All students prefer that they may flourish in an energetic city campus, or you may favor a smaller, countryside setting. You might want a campus with lots of cultural multiplicity or one with active clubs and societies. We’ll keep all these preferences in mind while helping you choose your alternative. Study overseas scholarships

We realize financial support for your overseas education can cause a lot of anxiety but don’t be bothered; there are many scholarships accessible for meritorious scholars. We will assist you to discover the top scholarship alternatives for you to deal with that expenditure with no difficulty Our team will also lend a hand with course application papers, assemble your applications, verify supporting credentials and mail your application directly to your selected institution. Application evaluation and approval Most academic institutions reply within six weeks of your application being presented, and if they recommend you a place in a course, you will be given an official offer letter.

Approval and payment, the concluding stage

If there are certain terms and conditions on your offer letter that you require to meet, you can admit the offer instantly. Instances of conditions that could be particularly required may be giving in a new IELTS assessment result, your academic record of a just accomplished study, or certain certified papers. If your tuition fee payment has to be made in the form of a bank draft, make it payable to your university and we can help out courier it for you.


Our efforts are directed to help you accomplish your dream goals It may seem noticeable, but your learning, experiences, and area of interest are the first stage to look for your dream course. In addition to this, your preferred course is supposed to put you on a course to an occupation you’ll be keen on for your entire life. Once you make your mind up on the course of your choice, we’ll assist you to select the ideal educational institution for you.