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SAT is the standard test necessary for university admissions in the United States of America. It is assumed to gauge a learner’s promptness for college, testing abilities like reading, numeral ability and writing. Nonetheless, your SAT score is merely a part of your college entry procedure.There are other things in addition to this that will be taken into account when looking for university admissions, like the high school percentage, academic record, letters of reference, academic accomplishments, essays, etc. Applicants who have a good reference, additional activities proof of merit or other achievements have a fair chance of getting into a college.If you are an Indian who dreams to study in a university in USA, you have to obtain a brilliant SAT score to meet up the criteria for admission. Most academic institutions, ask for the SAT scores.  SAT is a paper-based test, with maximum score of 1600The SAT test is divided into 4 sections – Mathematics, reading test and Writing and Language test. The scoring system is as follows:

The SAT has four sectional tests – Mathematics, reading test and Writing and Language test. The scoring system is as follows:

  1. The Maths section is scored on a scale of 200-800
  2. The Critical Reading segment is scored on a scale of 200-800
  3. The Essay is graded individually on a scale of 2-8

Why Coaching is required for SAT?

For many learners, it is their treasured dream to go for their advanced education in USA. There are many well-known universities there that put forward courses and feel pride of their illustrious faculty. However, in order to get enrolled in them, students have to clear the SAT examination. To achieve this goal, you must locate a proper SAT coaching centre that can help you plan for the examination and also direct you through the course of action.

British School of Language is a goodchoice if you are searching for SAT training in Noida. Register and you can get your custom-made study plan and be coached by competent professionals. In addition to this, BSL can also lend a hand with other features that will help out to lock a seat in your favored program at your chosen university in the USA. Therefore, for aspirants, it is significant to acquire suitable coaching where they can get familiar with the exam blueprint and go through their basics.

Here’s how BSL can help you prepare for the SAT


Most learners are not familiar with the SAT format. In most of cases, college seats are engaged by scholars who manage the maximum percentage of marks in their high school examination. Other institutions carry out admission appraisal where only the top scorers meet the necessities for admission.So, for students, it is important to get suitable coaching where they can get familiarized with the exam format and revise their basics.

Why BSL is one of the best SAT Coaching in Noida?

  • To begin with, our educators will gauge your skill with a systematic assessment to find out your strengths and weaknesses, and then design a custom-made course for you that will pay attention more on areas that require progress. The study schedule is so planned so that it assists you to attain your objective score, and makes sure that you have got the whole thing covered before the day of exam.
  • Our learners get excellent lecture hall experience, limitless right to use our library, comprehensive and inclusive study material, and several doubts solving sessions and even personalized when required.
  • We stick to a standardized teaching methodology that aims to develop a learner’s complete reading, writing, comprehension and mathematical skills- not just rote learning.

The BSL Advantage:

  • At BSL, we conduct sessions with a convenient number of aspirants, so that a feasible educator-learner ratio is conserved. This aids learners to incorporate info in a better manner, and also helps the trainers to give attention to on every student and to find out their areas of strength of weaknesses.
  • We systematize many mock tests and practice assessments, and scholars are continuously judged grounded on their class performance, participation in group discussions and interviews.
  • We pay individual attention to each learner so that they can build up their complete skills and get their preferred SAT score. This is a nonstop process and is doubly significant as the SAT currently lays emphasis on the critical reading and reasoning skills of learners. Just recalling answers is not going to be sufficient, and our educators ensure that you are prepared for your SAT task from inside.


Our Teaching Methodology

We look at three component of the preparation:

  1. Comprehending Fundamentals: This is the first basic step. Without clarity of theoretical base, candidates cannot do well in the critical reading and reasoning section. We train our aspirants such so that they can grow fast over the levels and deal with difficult problems with ease.
  2. Scoring tactics: BSL has a proficiency in SAT-specific strategies and grading methods so that you can score the maximum level within such a brief duration.
  3. Practice:We have special mock tests and components that confirm that you are going through continuous assessment, and that your pace and effectiveness develops at the required rate.

BSL’s Online SAT Coaching:

BSL is reliable for numerous aspirants to assist them get into their preferred universities. BSL’s SAT course is a comprehensive exam prep program to give support to students break down the obstacle and attain their academic targets.

If you are unable to physically report to our centre at Sector 18, BSL’s SAT coaching has the most feasible online personalized study plan for you. Advanced test prep knowledge on a selected online platform is consumer friendly, manageable anywhere and anytime. Our capable, passionate and stimulated educators are simply unmatched; make the session lively and you can link with no trouble.

Live Online Coaching features:

  • Reachable anywhere, anytime
  • Student friendly selected Online Platform
  • SAT certified coaches, skilled and knowledgeable for online platform
  • Comprehensive study materials to study at your comfortable atmosphere with no travel to study center.
  • Exclusivelearner portal with all that you require to realize your aimed score
  • Refreshers classes and online monitoring tool.


 At BSL, we have faith in offering you with nothing but the best. We have a group of knowledgeable, proficient SAT trainers who have gone through rigorous training to give you a firm grip in SAT prep. The pedagogy followed is one that has proved effective over a period of time and is assured to work.

BSL’s SAT Exclusive Offline program is a personalized SAT training solution intended for those who deserve absolute attention and expert backing. Professional coaches also assist scholars in making a study plan custom-made as per student’s preparation level and target SAT score.