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SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test, which was earlier called the Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is a MCQ based, pencil-and-paper exam planned and conducted by the College Board. The underlying principle of the SAT is to measure a high school student’s readiness for university, and recommend colleges with one common data that can be utilized to evaluate the performance of all the aspirants.

SAT exam analyzes the candidates on the basis of their Mathematical proficiency, Critical Reading and writing skillfulness. As per the College Board, they ensure the ability which aspirants have learned in their schools. They assess the skills which are necessary for the academic achievement of the students in an institute. Nevertheless, your SAT score is only a part of your college admission process.

There are several other factors other than this that will be considered when looking for college admissions, like the high school percentage, educational record, letters of reference, scholarly activities, essays, etc. applicants who have a high-quality reference, extra activities proof of merit or other achievements have a good hope of getting into a college.

If you are an Indian who aims to learn in a university in USA, you have to get a bright SAT score to fulfill the criterion for admittance. Most educational institutions require SAT scores.  SAT is a paper-based examination, with highest score of 1600

The SAT has 4 segments – Mathematics, reading test and Writing and Language test. The grading pattern is as follows:

  1. The Mathematics segment is scored on a scale of 200-800
  2. The Critical Reading segment is scored on a scale of 200-800
  3. The Essay is graded independently on a scale of 2-8

Is Coaching actually required for SAT?

For a lot of candidates, it is their precious dream to pursue their higher studies in USA. There are many respected universities there that put forward their courses and are blessed with the presence of eminent faculty. However, in order to get admission in them, learners have to clear SAT. To achieve this purpose, you must find a proper SAT coaching centre that can help you in planning for the evaluation and also guide you through the course of action.

British School of Language is a good choice if you are searching for SAT coaching in Kanpur. Register and you can get your custom-made study schedule and be taught by competent instructors. In addition to this, BSL can also provide other amenities that will help to secure a seat in your preferred course at your chosen university in the USA. So, for aspirants, it is very important to join an appropriate coaching where they can get familiar with the evaluation plan and go through their basics.


Here’s how BSL can help you prepare for the SAT

A lot of applicants are unknown with the SAT format. In most of cases, college seats are engaged by students who aim to score the utmost percentage of marks in their high school exam. Other institutes carry out entrance process where only the best scorers meet up the requirements for entrance. So, for learners, it is necessary to get accurate coaching where they can get familiar with the exam pattern and brush up on their basics

Why BSL is one of the best SAT Coaching in Kanpur?

  • To begin with, our trainers will evaluate your ability with a methodical appraisal to find out your strong points and weak points, and then plan a customized course for you that will concentrate more on areas that require growth. The study agenda is so intended so that it helps you to attain your aim, and makes certain that you have got the whole thing covered before the day of evaluation.
  • Our learners get exceptional lecture hall experience, limitless right to use our library, extensive and inclusive study matter, and a number of query solving sessions and even customized when essential.
  • We entrust to a reliable teaching method that aims to polish a learner’s complete reading, writing, comprehension and mathematical skills- not just rote learning.

The BSL Advantage:

  • At BSL, we carry out sessions with a small batch size of students, so that an adequate instructor-learner ratio is maintained. This helps candidates to take in information in an better manner, and also helps the coach to give thought to every student and to discover their strength or weaknesses.
  • We organize a lot of mock tests and practice assessments, and students are regularly judged on their class performance, involvement in panel discussions and interviews.
  • We pay attention to each candidate so that they can display their entire skills and get their preferred SAT score. This is a nonstop process and is doubly significant as the SAT currently lays emphasis on the critical reading and thinking of students. Just remembering answers is not sufficient and the tutors make sure that you are ready for your SAT with confidence.

Our Methodology

We look at three phases of the preparation:

  1. Comprehending basics: This is the first critical step. Without clearness of educational base, applicants cannot do well in the critical reading and reasoning segment. We train our candidates such so that they can arise to the next level and deal with the difficult problems with ease.
  2. Scoring methods: BSL has a proficiency in SAT-specific strategy and grading methods so that you can attain the maximum level within such a short time.
  3. Practice:We have unique mock tests and workings that confirm that you are going through regular evaluation, and that your pace and competence develops at the necessary rate.

BSL’s Online SAT Coaching


BSL is trustworthy name for aspirants as it helps them get into their preferred institution of higher education. BSL’s SAT course is an absolute exam prep program to help the students conquer the obstacle and attains their educational targets.

If you are unable to physically report to our centre at Kanpur, BSL’s SAT coaching has the most sensible online specially made study plan for you. Advanced examination preparation information on a selected online platform is client friendly, suitable anywhere and anytime. Our capable, enthusiastic and stimulated educators are simply unparalleled; they make the session lively and you can easily relate to them.

Live Online Coaching features:

  • Reachable at everyplace, anytime
  • Student receptive, preferred Online Platform
  • SAT certified trainers, talented and educated for online platform
  • Comprehensive study matter to learn at your comfortable ambiance with no travelling required.
  • Special learner portal with all that you require to for your aimed score
  • Revision classes and online monitoring tool


Final Thought

To sum up it can be guaranteed that at BSL, we have confidence in providing you with nothing but the best. We have a group of zealous, brilliant SAT trainers who have gone through careful training to give you a firm grip in SAT preparation. The methodology followed is one that has proven effective over a period of time and is assured to work.

BSL’s SAT special Offline program is a customized SAT training solution designed for those who are creditable of complete attention and professional backing. Dedicated trainers also support students in making a study plan specially made as per student’s training level and aim SAT score.