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BSL 12 Week Personality Development Programme

British School of Language is the only institute in India which has a unique program for Personality Development. We run 12 different modules that are spread across 3 months on weekly basis. At the end of every module, every student goes through a Video Shoot performing the activities learned in those weeks, which makes them see their growth and also removes the fear of public speaking, facing a camera, and speaking on the mic in public.
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Details of Personality Development


Week 1
How to introduce yourself in both personal and professional environments including interviews. Which information to present and how to present, in which particular order, while maintaining the focus on the context and environment.


Week 2
Writing is an art and your writing skills define your command over the language. Whether it is Resume, Blogs, Articles, or any written content whatsoever, we will train you on that and you will enjoy all the writing styles the literature offers.


Week 3
Presentation is an activity that is omnipresent, whether it is a classroom or business room. You will be given topics to prepare a formal presentation, sometimes on the spot, and sometimes beforehand so that you are prepared for every scenario.


Week 4
Either you are applying for a job or facing an admission interview, you need skills to make a statement in this competitive world.We will make you prepare for all sorts of situations and questions to get out of the interview with positive results.


Week 5
Maintaining public relations is an important skill in today’s era. It lands you opportunities that may not come to you otherwise. You will learn how to meet with people And make an impact all the while maintaining a positive impression.


Week 6
Being in a formal gathering or an official dinner requires familiarization with eating protocols. What utensils are used for what purposes and how to dine with forks, knives, and different spoons. All this will be made available for your knowledge.


Week 7
Create a masterpiece, show it to the world and play it loud. Choose any one of your favorite song and recite it on camera and microphone. Live it, love it and enjoy it for yourself only. This week develops the confidence to show the world.


Week 8
TV Show Host, News Reader, Reality TV Show, Sports Anchor, be whatever you want to be. It’s a platform to show of your skills in anchoring and also to be familiar with the concepts of good host and anchor. Increase confidence and be a celeb.


Week 9

Projecting an appealing personality in a business environment is a compulsory skill. How to dress, walk, negotiate, coordinate, team work, be authentic, and build authority are the most sought after business skills in the current space of industries.


Week 10
Your Body Language defines the path of your success in professional and personal domains. How to integrate authentic gestures into your personality to enhance your communication and develop a good rapport with people.


Week 11
Your voice is an important tool in communication and represents confidence in speech. The accent is the way your language suffers from mother tongue and regional influence and we will help you speak in a neutral accent, which is desirable.


Week 12
A lot of business and professional conversation takes place on phone these days and you need to be very accurate in your dealings. How to sound professional, confident, and smooth on calls, as well as how to follow basic telephone etiquette.

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