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Welcome to the British school of language (BSL), one of the leading e-platform for English speaking and learning courses in India. It is an excellent and primordial Centre for online English speaking courses with a free certificate in India that embraces Grammar, Vocabulary and Activities as its main components.

A New Delhi, India based organisation, having its Corporate office in Noida, is a chain of institutions under its flagship company BSL Infra-Tech Private Limited. It is imparting quality education & training through several branches spread over the northern part of the country (Lucknow, Kanpur, Jhansi etc).

It is recognised by IDP, Member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme, Training Provider Certification by PTE as a Bronze Training Provider Certification and Cambridge (for study material).

BSL is India’s oldest English Speaking Institute creating wonderful orators and has been training students in basic personality development traits.

BSL offers online courses for English speaking, writing, listening & reading in addition to the 12 weeks Personality Development program, foreign languages certification courses in French, German & Spanish. It also prepares the aspirants for IELTS (International ENGLISH Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of ENGLISH as a Foreign Language, PTE (Pearson Test of ENGLISH), OET (Occupational ENGLISH Test) & study abroad tests such as GMAT, GRE & SAT along with rendering necessary services as a Study Abroad Consultant.

BSL follows the teaching system of the Common European Framework for Languages, CEFR, which is an international standard to assess the ability in a particular language. It is categorised at six levels of proficiency i.e. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. The specific level is provided as per the need and existing knowledge level of each student.

Awarded as “Best online English Speaking Course in India”: BSL British School of Language.

BSL has also developed a Cloud-based virtual classroom & LMS software, which can be experienced through a “Free Demo Class”

After successful completion of the course, the students are awarded an online certificate from the British School of Language.

We also provide the Best Study Material in Industry with Complete & best handbook for “English”

 A few years back at the Launch Ceremony of books


Japanese Educationist visited BSL British School of Language Several times to enhance the collaboration

Mr. Paul Abraham, RCIC Lawyer Canada. 

Guiding Students regarding IELTS GENERAL, i.e. English speaking, reading, writing & Listening


BSL British School of Language is investing huge money in technology to upgrade the quality of education.

Daily, we teach more than 5000 Students online with a team of 250 Trainers associated with us.

You can check your grammar skills through our website & Android or iOS application

Generate a “Free Certificate” for all the topics of English Grammar & Vocabulary.

After all this, we require appreciation from our students, trainers & society … Sharing my Favourite picture

This Page is written by the Management of BSL British School of Language, the oldest & finest Language institute in India

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What you will Learn in BSL?

We are going to train you for Various English Language or Foreign Language Certification

We want you to be the next certified trainer of BC Cambridge, PTE, Tesol.

We will teach you in such a way that you can start teaching others, you can be certified, you can register yourself on our website or urban pro or you can launch your own website.
A website of a certified trainer.

Who is this Course for?


Contents of Online English Speaking Course

English is a global language that has become a mandate for anyone trying to ace their industry. Fluent English speaking skills are appreciated everywhere, may it be an interview, a billion-dollar deal or just simple socialization. All languages need constant practice and supervision for excellent communication which is free from errors and is soothing to the ears.

But English has never been a problem, instead of grammatical mistakes, poor vocabulary and being misunderstood are the three most common concerns why you are anxious to speak English. Well, you have knocked at the correct door. We have simplified it for you below:

A language is an amalgam of so many components, all riveted together to give the user a firm and robust yield. English as a language is made up of 4 components:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Apart from these 4 components, there are basic concepts that can be applied to all four to excel in them. A good English Speaking Course would tend to the learner’s capability to understand some of them including a matrix of vocabulary supplemented by strong reasoning of grammar. In addition, practicing makes everything look even better, and practicing a language makes listening to you even better. Languages are often a concern for blooming a perfect personality and vice versa is also true, a good personality can only carry the art of speaking good English.


It is the cementing material to a language. Grammar consists of the rules of how the words should be used to make the language more sensible. Good grammar is crucial in enhancing verbal communication and will help you speak smoothly without having to think twice. BSL pays detailed attention to Grammar when training students in the nuances of Speaking English.

It is the cementing material to a language. Grammar consists of the rules of how the words should be used to make the language more sensible. Which consist of-

  • Noun
  • Pronoun
  • Adjective
  • Verb
  • Adverb
  • Tenses.
  • Article
  • Preposition
  • Determiner
  • Demonstrative
  • Auxiliary verb
  • Interrogative word
  • Conjunctive adverb
  • Indefinite pronoun
  • Modifier conjunction
  • Interjection
  • Direct & indirect speech


Vocabulary is as important as grammar if not more. Developing an extensive vocabulary is essential for fluent Speech and impressive orations.

It is the brickwork of English that is the very matrix or base of which English is made of. Vocabulary is the set of familiar words within the knowledge sphere of a person. A stronghold on vocabulary can improve all areas of communication like reading, writing, listening, and speaking. BSL focuses on expanding your vocabulary by making you adept at the art of grasping other words in your own dictionary. It is the best way for adding new words to your Speaking English.

Before Learning new words, Focus on-

  • Synonyms 
  • Antonyms 
  • Phrases 
  • one-word substitution 
  • New daily words
  • Proverbs


English Speaking activities is the process of polishing the freshly learned vocabulary and grammar. Activities can include mere talking to your friends or colleagues informally in English who are already fluent so they can correct and improve you. Before Focusing on “Fluency” we focus on Speaking, Right or wrong doesn’t matter. The more you speak, The more you become fluent.

At BSL we indulge students in 

  • Debating
  • Group discussions, and 
  • Presentations to enhance their English speaking abilities.

Personality Development

It is the most important element in Speaking English. Most of the great orators have a good personality and it is something essential to help you deliver your ideas to the crowd. Speaking English is just a tool to communicate with people but a good personality lets you communicate in the first place. BSL helps you develop a strong personality by training you on basic etiquette and qualities. We integrate personality development modules in our English communication course which is focused on practical social skills for better interaction. 

12 Personality Development weeks, such as:

  • Introduction Week
  • Blog Week
  • Body Language Week
  • Business etiquette Week
  • Dining etiquette Week
  • Presentation Week
  • Interview Week
  • Public Relation Week
  • Song Recitation Week
  • Anchor Week
  • Voice and Accent Week
  • Phone Etiquette Week 

Now Back to the Basic Question “Fluency”, this can be done by daily practicing all the above 5 modules.


Why Learn Online Spoken English Course from BSL in India?

British School of Language provides the best online English Speaking Course in India with integrated personality development training. These two things go hand in hand because most people suffer from the lack of confidence to speak in English in public.

We also provide 12 Personality Development weeks. You will be trained by faculty to get Cambridge and British Council Certified Trainers. British School of Language has Maximum Certified Trainers as well.

Since the trainers are also involved in IELTS test preparation, they are certified by the British Council to take classes. The institute is also a registration centre for IELTS test and preparation. You have options of joining group classes or personal training classes, which are priced as per industry standard in India.
The British School for language also prepares you for the Cambridge English assessment, which is a lifetime certificate for English proficiency, unlike IELTS which is valid for two years only. The Institute works under the banner of BSL Infratech Private Limited, which is the parent organization of BSL.
They run live classes every day, seven days a week and you can find a British Council certified trainer for as low as ₹4000 Rupees a month. And the best part is that you can take a free demo to see the quality for yourself.

BSL is India’s oldest and finest English institute serving since 1971. We design English Speaking Courses modules with more than 40 years of experience in teaching English. BSL understands your requirement to the root and delivers exceptional training in English Speaking and various other international English certification examinations.

Being the Official partner of the British Council, we have earned an ISO Certification (9001:2008). Students can reach out to us 24×7 with our online support through WhatsApp. People with an amateur interest in learning new languages can check out BSLs Foreign languages courses like French, Spanish and German. BSL is recommended and voted with a 5.0-star rating at Justdial, Google, and UrbanPro.

BSL feels privileged to make students proficient enough to deal with professional meetings in the corporate world across the globe by delivering online free English speaking courses with certificates in India.



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We were established in 1971 and trainging students since then never looked back.


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Get Certified in English, French, German and Spanish from India’s best Language Institute.


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Course Design

Courses were Designed while keeping Grammar & Vocabulary in Mind, a team of scholars from IIM Background designs the course.


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ISO Certified and many more.


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Our own LMS, much better than zoom, google meet etc.

The best Person to Give you feedback about us is your friend, relative or family member who did a course from our organization, who is just a call away.


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First to Launch Offline Classes with a Large Number of Offline Branches in North India

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It’s pretty good when you have a teacher who is in constant touch, helping you with all the quarries and making you learn things personally.


First and Only Institute to Generate Online Certificates

Till date the only institute to Generate online certificates (it doesn’t matter if you do our course or not If you are good in Grammar & Communication), You have a right to have a certificate which is valid everywhere.

First To launch Online Classes in India

First To Launch Third Generation English

1st Generation – only English Speaking
2nd Generation – 12 Personality Development Module
3rd- Train you to Become Certified Trainer XYZ

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The first one to apply in the Guinness book & Limca, For Maximum Video Shoots of PD weeks by our student

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1st one because of our infrastructure and quality. We are first to design a simple design, where on the first page, Fees, Timing, pdf, all are available.
1st Most Technically Powerful design.


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Why Learn English Online?

Travel The World With Confidence

It is an undeniable fact that English is a language used by most of the nations either as primary or secondary language and speaking it will increase your reach to a wider audience.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Whether you are looking for a job or starting your own business English is a language that will definitely improve your profile score.

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

Speaking different languages opens up gates to cross the barrier of one nation and look into cultures of the other nations and learn from them.

Become a Better Learner

In the process of studying new things your brain gets in the habit of it and this makes you a better learner in all walks of life, professional or personal.

Business Travel & Communication

English is the global language and thus speaking in English will improve your chances to communicate with a much wider audience worldwide. This will improve your overall professional as well as your personal life.

To become Certified Trainer

Speak With More People

Since English is spoken almost everywhere, your range of speaking with people will considerably increase. Whether you are going abroad or working in the corporate world, you will be able to speak with a whole lot of people fluently.

Starting your Own Venture

If you are planning to start your teaching website, the free consultancy will be provided from our side, and we can even provide some education grants as well.

What Students Say About Our Course

I never had the confidence to speak in English and the BSL British School of Language has helped me to the extent that now I am able to give presentations for even an hour.

Md. Shahid

English Speaking Course Student

From preparing me for the IELTS exam to helping me in the immigration process they have helped me reach my dream destination Canada.

Gurmeet Singh

IELTS Student Abroad

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Open our official website, go to “contact us” page and click-

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English Speaking Course – Indian Accent to Global Accent

Categories of English Proficiency

Most of the European languages are categorized by the CEFR i.e. Common European Framework for languages. The categorization of English is too based on CEFR rules in Europe and most of the language certification examination bodies like Goethe-Institut, Cambridge English language Assessment, etc follow CEFR. 

This categorization of learners is based on various parameters which include general competencies in knowledge and skills which do affect linguistic competencies. There is a set of six Common Reference Levels precisely: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 where category A is considered a basic user, B is an intermediate learner, and C is sought to be a proficient learner of the language.

A1 Level

Beginner Level: An A1 learner can understand very basic expressions of the language used in everyday life. At the furthest, they can introduce themselves and others and can only communicate very basically.

A2 Level

Elementary: A2 learner can understand sentences and significant information relevant for day to day communication like personal information, shopping, basic navigation etc. They can understand and describe immediate needs.

B1 Level

Intermediate: B1 learner clearly the inputs from other speakers of the language. They can talk about familiar matters easily and create sensible text on familiar topics. They can describe experiences and can handle unexpected situations while traveling.

B2 Level

Upper-Intermediate: B2 learner understands complex texts and complicated discussions. When they put efforts in communication they can make regular interactions with native speakers with certainty. They are able to produce detailed yet simple text on a wide range of topics.

C1 Level

Advanced: C1 learner can understand longer demanding conversations with correct interpretation. They are fluent and spontaneous in expressing their ideas verbally in social, academic or professional spheres. They can create well structured and detailed text on complex topics.

C2 Level

Proficiency: C2 learners understand nearly everything they hear or read and can easily summarize spoken or written conversations in a cohesive manner. They are fluent and precise in expressing themselves in most difficult and spontaneous situations with graceful accuracy.

Other Courses and Exams We Teach Online

IELTS Preparation

International English Language Testing System
It is the world’s most popular English proficiency test for higher education and occupational success. More than 10,000 institutes and organizational bodies approve IELTS as the basic test for students, employees and government bodies. It also helps in easing the process of immigrations applications.
Learn all levels of English with BSL British School of Language. A1 Level, A2 Level, B1 Level and B2 level under one roof with the best faculty of Kanpur.

TOEFL Preparation

Test of English as a Foreign Language
This test measures the 4 core language skills i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking help you establish basic understanding of English in a foreign state. TOEFL is known for its multistage adaptive design and is trusted by organizations in most of the world.
Prepare for TOEFL Exam from the best institute in Kanpur. Score more bands in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing tests with the help of the best faculty.

OET Preparation

Occupational English Test
It is a specially designed test to meet the English proficiency needs of the industrial sector and assess those who need to practice in English speaking environment. Most of the time professionals from the healthcare sector who are needed to serve in a foreign country are needed to appear for the exam.
Crack the most advanced exams with the help of BSL British School of Language. We have the best faculty and infrastructure in Kanpur which help you achieve desired scores.

Foreign Languages

It is pleasant to know the language of a place where you are visiting. At BSL we offer you the chance of learning Spanish, German and French from the most proficient and skilled faculty.
These are life-savers in situations where you have to visit a foreign country on a random business trip or are an enthusiastic traveller.
BSL British School of Learning can train you efficiently in the minimum possible time in foreign languages. These languages are taught with the aim to provide thorough knowledge of the subject i.e. the culture, history and traditions of the country of origin of that language.


Pearson Test of English

It is the most popular and convenient exam for getting English proficiency approval for students who are willing to study abroad. It is also valid for individuals who want UK Visas and Immigration.

It is considered as the most fast, fair and convenient English test by BSL. British School of Learning makes sure you get the training for widely recognized English testing agencies.


Graduate Record Examinations

It is a generalised test for assessing overall abilities of graduates in the general academic sphere irrespective of their field of specialization. This is the most robust of all study abroad qualification tests approved in most of the EU countries and also in USA and Canada, being regulated by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).
BSL will armour you with the knowledge and practice of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking, all of which are assets to clear and score good in the GRE exam.


Scholastic Assessment Test

Earlier called Scholastic Aptitude Test, it is an examination taken by students seeking admissions to UG courses abroad. This exam is regulated by the College Board, a non-profit body based in the US. It is a broad testing process that evaluates written, verbal and mathematical skills of the students and is considered very relevant as study-abroad exams.
BSL British School of Learning makes students adept in all subjects regarding the SAT. We supplement candidates with proper course material and practicing facilities.


What makes the best Online English speaking course in India?

A good Online English Speaking in Course in India will need to integrate Personality development as a major asset to produce excellent students. Basic understanding of the traditions of the language makes the user more comfortable to speak. While focussing on the nuances of the language makes the user understand the sensibility and cohesion required while communicating in that language.

We follow the best module integrating all the necessary knowledge and skill needed for an individual to fulfil the basic competencies of the language.

On top of that, we also provide-

  • Courses especially designed to keep Band 8 for Listening & Band 7 for Speaking, Reading & Writing, 
  • A team of scholars from IIM Background designs the course. If you wish, you can come and meet & Interact with them.
  • You can even ask for Free Demo Class
  • Most Searched Institute on Google & Ranked #1 for Best online IELTS Coaching in India.
  • Personal Trainer & Group Classes are available.
  • We require a minimum of 45 Days & a Maximum of 90 days for course Completion.
  • No short term dream from our side
  • British School of Language Android & ios applications are available
  • ISO Certified & Many More.
  • You can contact us through call, WhatsApp or Twitter.


Misconceptions about learning Spoken English online?

Most of the people in India have Hindi as their mother tongue and English as their second language. When people really feel the need to learn English, they prefer classes in physical mode believing that online courses only supplement recorded video but it is not the truth.

Learning Spoken English online requires one-to-one human interaction and needs to be more than just passing English papers in school examinations. BSL makes sure students get chances to have an interactive curriculum which makes them confident English speakers.

At this time of the pandemic, students are looking for the best online speaking English course in India. Many students who wish to study abroad have to appear in international English certificate examinations. All such students are provided with opportunities to practice English speaking with other people and are made to practice and implement grammar rules in verbal English.

Students get to interact with highly trained faculty of English who are certified by the British Council and Cambridge institute itself. All you need is an optimistic approach towards the English Language where the whole trick of verbalizing lies in nuances of English and mere confidence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of courses?

We have courses ranging from 45 day to 6 months. Time duration totally depends on preference of the courses

How many hours a student has to devote everyday?

A student has to spend 1 to 2 hours everyday for the classes. For same courses we also give classes on Sunday. Make sure to ask for the time schedule from the councellor.

Do I have to pay for the Demo Class?

No demo class is absolutely free you have to just enroll with us by requesting the demo below, or calling at our phone number or just WhatsApp us, if you wish you may mail us also.

How much I have to pay to start?

We are very flexible and dedicated to education for everyone concept, in spite of structure of the course, we ask for one-month fees in advance only. And advance depends on the preference of the courses.

Which is the best Online English Speaking Course?

The best online English speaking course will have a good course structure focusing on fundamentals of English with focus on building a strong Vocabulary & Grammar. Another important feature is an integrated module on personality development. Online courses’ study material should be supplemented with regular mock tests and practicing real world human interaction.

Can I learn Spoken English Online?

Yes! You can easily learn spoken English online. In Fact it is a more convenient and time-saving way to start or enhance your verbal abilities. Choose an online English Speaking course from a well reputed institute like British School of Learning. Learn from their study material and attend online lectures at the comfort of your home. Practice online with your friends and tutors.

How Can I improve my English Speaking Fluency Online Free?

There are many mobile applications like Duolingo, YouTube, etc. where you can listen to and speak regularly to improve your fluency. Listening is the biggest tool to learn speaking. Watch English documentaries and register on free applications that let you speak and can help you analyse the scope of improvement.

How Can I learn English Fluently in 10 days?

To polish your fluency in English you need to learn new words everyday and read as much as you can. Find a native English speaker who can listen to you and can correct any mistakes in pronunciation or grammar. Practice these few things everyday.

Where Do I start to Learn English?

If you have a hold on your native language, like Hindi for most Indians you can either get yourself an English to Hindi dictionary or you can join a English teaching institute who start from the basics. Read as much as possible, expose yourself to spontaneous situations and try to communicate with a active English speaker daily.

How Can I speak English very fast?

You can learn English very fast and smoothly by pushing yourself to interact with other people in English. Try indulging in oratory activities and join debating, poetry reciting, drama clubs. Watch English movies and read English books.

Can I learn English by my self?

Yes, for beginning you can start learning English by learning new vocabulary, making a dictionary your best pal and watching English content. Listening to others speak in English can prove very helpful. If you wish to be fluent in speaking English you will have someone good in speaking it and correcting you from time to time. You can participate in oratory activities and join clubs that can speed your learning process.

How can I practice Speaking English?

The best way to practice speaking English is talking to oneself. Listen to yourself reading an article or enroll yourself in a language exchange program. Use video messaging to interact with native english speaking friends. Watch English videos with subtitles, read new books using technical vocabulary and seek help from a dictionary.

Which is the best Spoken English Course?

The best Spoken English course will have a good course structure focusing on fundamentals of English with focus on building a strong Vocabulary & Grammar. Another important feature is an integrated module on personality development. Course study material should be supplemented with regular mock tests and practicing real world human interaction.

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