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OET (Occupational English Test) is planned to meet the precise English language requirements of the health care sector. It assesses the language proficiency of healthcare specialists who wish to practice in an English-speaking background. All four language proficiencies are measured, with Writing and Speaking tests reachable in twelve varied parts of healthcare. All aspirants take the same Reading and Listening tests. British School of Language has a long account of helping natives preparing for this assessment.

OET is recognized as proof of English aptitude in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Namibia, and Singapore for registering in 12 healthcare careers- dentistry, dietetics, medicine, nursing, Occupational therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Radiography, Speech Pathology, and Veterinary Science. If you do not fall into any of these streams, you simply take the Writing and Speaking sub-test as per their professional criteria.

Need for OET Test:

Specialists for whom it is necessary to prove their English skill to be able to work or study in the healthcare sector in the  UK,  Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai, Singapore or Namibia are essential  to appear for the exam.

Who accepts OET?

Medical care specialists who are looking for learning or job in the healthcare segment in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai, Singapore, or Namibia have to mandatorily take the OET. As these are the nations that fundamentally recognize the OET test.

Here’s how British School of Language can help you improve your OET Score

BSL offers one of the best OET coaching in Noida. We coach our learners so that they can attempt all sections of OET with ease. Through the two-month course in coaching class in Noida, we guarantee that the aspirants perk up their English language skills and communiqué. This training sector is not only for health professionals. The OET training we offer also help to those who want to get an improved grasp of the English language. Throughout this course, we make certain that every learner gets the notice they need. Our trainers also make sure that their queries are solved. The basic objective is to generate confidence to relate in their workplace effortlessly.

Applicants who aim to get ready for a forthcoming interview, or wish to communicate easily in this internationally accepted language, these classes is appropriate for them.

What gives a cutting edge to BSL, Noida for OET Preparation

  • Our team encompasses knowledgeable educators from prominent institutions with years of practice behind them. They go through detailed preparation so that they can deliver their best. Our trainers continuously upgrade themselves to gain a better understanding of the changing exam pattern, if any, and to make sure that their competence standards are maintained.
  • British School of Language OET preparation course develops your expertise and competence. It also assists you revise your basics and vocabulary. With practice, you can also race against time
  • At our centre in Noida sector 18; our trainers will also give you with grading instructions so that you can accomplish something for the preferred vocation or job.
  • British School of Language has helped innumerable professionals, doctors, nurses from health care segment looking for to secure a respectable score in OET. Our educators help the candidates to identify their weak areas and work with them to accomplish the goal. Our practice test papers are designed by our team of researchers after a keen trend analysis and help our health care specialist to crack all four sections efficiently.

Online courses for OET at BSL

If you are unable to be present at full time courses, do not be anxious. We also offer online courses on OET. You can enroll for the online course. After the scholars connect, our trainers focus on them on an individual basis. This facilitates them to recognize the learner’s needs in a better way. Through this, we can determine the learner’s problems right there and help them develop in the fields they consider requires more attention.
So, have a conversation with our skilled counselor and enroll for the OET preparation course. You can practice the course without stepping out of your comfort zone and attending to things that require your presence at home.

Our USP:

BSL is the top English Training Institute in India with nationwide presence. With substantial years of experience and finest quality, BSL outshines in coaching English Language. The institute has helped a number of aspirants to accomplish something in OET and other International English Tests, with ease.

When it comes to expertise, our students gain from various benefits such as Virtual Learning, E-learning and more. Classrooms are exceedingly operational with most up-to-date technologies to create learning environment that is motivating and enjoyable for each learner.

By joining BSL, Noida for OET Preparation you’ll have an access to:

  • Capable and Knowledgeable educators
  • Comprehensive test guidance in the OET writing, OET reading, OET listening & OET speaking skills
  • Thorough language learning to build up the skills essential to attain thriving results in the test
  • Comprehensive test tips / OET help
  • Custom-made student response
  • OET study material which is updated by our research team
  • Our centre at Noida is well connected with road and rail network so commuting to the Institute is easy.

By opting for our OET training programmes, you will study methods and strategies that will help you out attain the score you need.

Our courses cover:

  • Genuine healthcare scenarios so you’ll experience confidence on the day of exam.
  • Enhancing language skills, indispensable for accomplishment in your job.
  • Complete exam practice (face to face preference).


We are a part of set-up, where English is not our first language. Nonetheless, it the most preferred language of communication in corporate sector and higher education set up. So, it is important that you have confidence in both written and spoken English.
Understanding English is the need of the hour to obtain a flourishing job or travel abroad to learn. The training that we put forward at BSL OET coaching center, Noida assists you to do extremely well in communication. British School of Language has helped a lot of aspirants trying for a respectable score in OET. Our Mock Test Series is designed by our team of researchers after an intense trend analysis and helps our health care professional to emerge with a decent score in all the four segments