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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) assesses your English Language skill. The sections Reading, writing, listening and speaking evaluates your general aptitude in English language for communication purpose and staying in a far-off land. And as it is wise to join IELTS Coaching in Delhi from the finest IELTS Training Institute in Delhi, there are also numerous features which every aspirant must know prior to coming into it completely and preparing for it in British School of Language, the all-inclusive IELTS Training Institute in Delhi.

IELTS test is mandatory for scholars, who are preparing to relocate for work, settlement or higher education overseas. Most of the academic Institutes internationally consider IELTS as the finest, most specific and reliable test for analyzing one’s English language expertise and adeptness. BSL is a premier IELTS Training Center in Delhi providing comprehensive study plan and imparts skills to scholars and delivers wide-ranging IELTS Training in Delhi to get a decent score in IELTS exam.

To score well and be successful in IELTS exam, you require groundwork. But chiefly it is essential to comprehend the format of IELTS, and for that, an expert is required from an esteemed IELTS Institute in Delhi who would assist you by giving all the study material and information you require for your training at and after your IELTS training sessions in Delhi. IELTS has two types of assessment tests- Academic test and General Training. Individuals transferring to nations like New Zealand, Canada, USA, Australia and others for acquisition of work experience opt for general training and applicants who seek admittance in overseas universities or in any institution should take the Academic test.

The grading system in IELTS test is band system, and the average score is 6.5 bands where the applicant is evaluated as a proficient user of English language. To score a good band or the band of your longing, you must choose the finest IELTS Training Institute in Delhi, where you will cognize IELTS in the best manner and you will recognize the best technique for preparation.

While numerous scholars favor self-study to prepare for IELTS, others choose professional direction. You will discover a number of IELTS training institutes in your town, but evaluating their efficiency in dealing the courses provided by these institutes is problematic.

Here’s how British School of Language Can Help You Improve your IELTS Score

British School of Language, a prestigious Institute is a brand name that has set a benchmark in teaching and learning English language. It is a Premier Language School in India which is ranked on top for IELTS preparation.

It is recognized by IDP, Member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme, Training Provider Certification by PTE as a Bronze Training Provider Certification and Cambridge (for study material).

BSL helps you prepare at both levels for the speaking, listening, reading, and writing modules of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

Advance your cognizance of the IELTS test and acquire policies to get closer to your coveted score. With direction and practice, grow your confidence for the test.

Our 16 hours of live online classes are carried by our skilled educators. The classes will concentrate on writing and speaking. You also get access to online study activities. This encompasses the listening and reading parts of the IELTS exam.

Prerequisites for joining the online IELTS Coaching:

  • the course is for learners who are 18 years of age or above
  • Make sure that you select the correct course for your needs – Academic or General Training
  • to complete the registration using the learner’s name and email ID
  • A registration is valid for one student at a time.

Course timings:

British School of Language provides 16 hours back to back online classes from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Indian Standard Time).

British School of Language IELTS Online coaching guarantees the following facilities:

  • Comprehensive and relevant IELTS syllabus
  • Systematic online training given by professionals
  • Advanced study material with videos and presentations
  • In-depth lectures on every topic
  • Topic-wise full-length mock tests

Benefits of Joining British School of Language for IELTS Preparation

After this course you will have increased conceptual base of the four papers in the IELTS test. These include listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

You will also obtain guidelines on how to prepare for the assessment. This will assist you to feel quiet and assured on your test day.


This course will not only enhance your readiness for the test, but also grow your fluency skills. You will also study valuable language rules and vocabulary to advance your English range and accurateness.

Live Online Classes:

Relate with your educator and contemporaries on videoconference in interactive sessions. Grow your understanding of the test format and evaluation standards for IELTS Speaking and Writing. Train yourself and get proficient educator guidance.

Online Activities:

Comprehensive set of activities, animated classes and skill sum-ups based on IELTS Listening and Reading. Improve your test awareness, understand the test format, formulate strategies for the test and get appraised on your progress. Get structured training of IELTS question forms and enrich your vocabulary. Learn in your own time – online in the comfort of your home. You will also get personalized appraisal from the educator.

Our Educators:

Coaches are one of the most vital factors in warranting success for our learners. That is why we are dedicated to offering you with the most competent and knowledgeable educators.  Our instructors have globally recognized qualifications for teaching English and are also highly skilled and practiced in teaching online.


British School of Language IELTS Online coaching guarantee the following facilities:

  • Comprehensive and relevant IELTS syllabus
  • Systematic online training given by professionals
  • Advanced study material with videos and presentations
  • In-depth lectures on every topic
  • Topic-wise full-length mock tests

Our Institute has steered many scholars competently towards their goal of attaining high scores in IELTS. We have a history of achievers who have set benchmarks for others preparing for the test.