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Its thirty years back when IELTS initiated testing of English language and since then it has carried on to set the standard for English language testing. Full form of IELTS is International English Language Testing System. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) evaluates one’s English Language proficiency. There are basically 4 segments -Reading, writing, listening and speaking which assess your skill in English language for communiqué and living out abroad. And as it is reasonable to join IELTS Coaching in Jhansi, the most first-rate IELTS Training Institute, there are also plenty of features which every candidate must be familiar with before joining it and getting ready for IELTS in British School of Language, the all-inclusive IELTS Training Institute in Jhansi.

IELTS examination is obligatory for people, who are planning to relocate for work, settlement or higher studies overseas. Most of the educational Institutes internationally consider IELTS as the finest, most precise and trustworthy test for testing one’s English language ability and aptitude.

BSL is the most excellent IELTS Training Center in Jhansi, providing comprehensive study plan and supports the learners and delivers complete IELTS Training in Jhansi to get a reputable score in IELTS assessment.

Is it a necessity to join Coaching for IELTS?

Choosing the right coaching institute will help you qualify the IELTS test with the favored band score.  It is an important choice to learn in one of the reputed IELTS coaching institute in your town.  An instructor has a crucial role to play when it comes to IELTS preparation. IELTS, though appears easy to a lot of people, is in fact tough; the most important concern being the format of the exam. With better access to the internet, it has now become unproblematic to understand the details of internationally commended exams.

To attain a respectable score and be successful in IELTS exam, you need groundwork. But first and foremost it is imperative to comprehend the format of IELTS. It has two categories of tests- Academic test and General Training. Persons moving to countries like New Zealand, Canada, USA, Australia and others for the sake of job experience prefer general training and applicants who look for entry in overseas universities or in any institute should appear for the Academic test.

The grading system in IELTS test is band system, and the average score is 6.5 bands where the aspirant is assessed as a capable user of English language. To score a first-class band or the band of your desire, you must choose the most excellent IELTS Training Institute in Jhansi, where you will understand IELTS in the best way and you will be acquainted with the best technique for preparation.

While a great number of scholars support self-study to get ready for IELTS, others prefer professional course. You will find out a number of IELTS coaching institutions in your city, but evaluating their capability in dealing the courses offered by these institutes is demanding.


Here’s how British School of Language Can Help You Improve your IELTS Score

British School of Language, a renowned Institute is a brand name that has set a high benchmark in teaching and learning English language. It is the finest Language School in India which is ranked on zenith for IELTS preparation.

It is acknowledged by IDP, Member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme, Training Provider Certification by PTE as a Bronze Training Provider Certification and Cambridge (for study material).

BSL lends you a hand to get ready at both levels for the speaking, listening, reading, and writing modules of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

Advance your familiarity of the IELTS test and get hold of policies to get closer to your preferred score. With classes and practice, grow your confidence for the test.

Our 16 hours of live online classes are carried out by our qualified coaches. The classes will concentrate on writing and speaking. You also get entry to online learning activities. This covers the listening and reading  segments of the IELTS.

Prerequisites for joining the online IELTS Coaching:

  • The sessions are for students who are 18 years of age or above
  • Make sure that you choose the correct course for your needs – Academic or General Training
  • Complete the registration by the learner’s name and email ID
  • A registration is valid for one student at a time.

Course timings:

British School of Language provides 16 hours back to back online classes from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Indian Standard Time).

British School of Language IELTS Online coaching undertakes the following amenities:

  • All-inclusive and applicable IELTS syllabus
  • Methodical online training given by experts
  • Sophisticated study material with videos and presentations
  • In-depth lectures on every theme
  • Topic-wise full-length mock tests

Benefits of Joining British School of Language in Jhansi for IELTS Preparation

After the conclusion of this course you will have an improved academic base of the four papers in the IELTS test. These include listening, speaking, reading, and writing sections.

You will also obtain strategy on how to get a better score. This will help you to feel composed and confident on your assessment day.


This course will not only enhance your keenness for the assessment, but also improve fluency in the language. You will also study significant language rules and words to expand your English range and accuracy.

Live Online Classes:

Join the class with your educator and classmates in video conference during live sessions. Develop your understanding of the test format and evaluation standards for IELTS Speaking and Writing. Train yourself and get expert educator path.

Online Activities:

Wide-ranging activities, animated classes and expertise sum-ups centered on IELTS Listening and Reading. Move forward your awareness for test, familiarization with the test format, outline strategies for the test and get evaluated on your development. Get methodical training of IELTS problem formats and expand your vocabulary. Learn at your own pace – online in the comfort of your residence. You will also get tailored review from the instructor.

Our Educators:

Instructors are one of the most vital factors in assuring achievement for our learners. For this very motive we are devoted to presenting you with the most competent and learned instructors.  Our instructors have internationally accepted qualifications for teaching English and are also highly accomplished and experienced in teaching online.


British School of Language IELTS Online training assures the following facilities:

  • Complete and applicable IELTS syllabus
  • Methodical online guidance given by experts
  • Superior study matter with videos and presentations
  • Exhaustive  lectures on every topic
  • Subject-wise complete mock tests
  • Located centrally, it is well connected with road network.

BSL has fruitfully helped many candidates towards their objective of accomplishing high scores in IELTS. We have a history of achievers who have set high standards for others getting ready for the test. We make sure that each of you grasps the best opportunity to learn as many concepts as likely.

Our educators keep an eye on the amends in the syllabus and evaluation patterns and they deliver their best to direct the students. It’s time to pay more stress on the correct usage of the English language. Every learner gains tailored attention. This is where the IELTS instructors in renowned institutes like British School of Language excel in.