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If you desire to learn German, you are not the only one; millions of individuals learn the language daily around the globe. German is a language that portrays a rich ethos and history. The German language can take you around the globe, with orators all around Europe and even in parts of Africa, North America, and South America!Learning the German language is a task worth pursuing. With the precise technology to direct you in your drive, you will see your pains pay off in so many ways.

Undeniably, even overseas, the German language is by all justifications is of unbelievable interest. The German language comprises eight times the number of words as the English language.

British School of Language is the most reputable Institute training foreign language since 1971. We were the pioneer to present German as a language and since then there is no looking back. British School of Language offers an online German course which shows all the degrees of German.

These are evaluated under Common European Framework of Reference for language (CEFR). It is a universal body that portrays the language speaking edge of speakers. As shown by CEFR German is categorized into six steps of learning.


A1 – Beginner

A2 – Elementary

B1 – Intermediate

B2 – Upper-Intermediate

C1 – Advanced

C2 – Master Proficient


Learning German in New Delhi

If you aspire to pursue the German courses in Delhi, the metropolitan has some high-quality German institutes from beginner to advanced levels

There are multiple alternatives that offer German language classes in Delhi. Are you a novice who yearns for to learning German? Or are you at the intermediate level wishing to brush up on German skills? We at BSL offer a German language course that fits the students’ wants and requirements, which makes us the finest German language institute in Delhi. With constant practice, practice tests, smart lessons, and interactive classes, we make sure that the learners don’t cram up the words being taught to them, but know their origin and their correct usage, which is the secret behind being adept in German.

Learning German necessitates practice, diligence, and the right guidance. With knowledgeable educators having outstanding knowledge of the language, we are competent to pass it on to the students with greatest aptness. The courses to learn the German language are very accurately positioned, from the beginner level to advanced, to be concluded within a set period. We do not consider confining knowledge to books and hence carry out German language classes in Delhi that are fairly engaging. We prepare learners to build up a German accent, to be competent to talk confidently in front of inhabitants and any other fluent German speaker.


Here’s how British School of Language Can Help You to Learn German

BSL has been a leader in imparting foreign language guidance in Delhi. We provide an online German Language course for the people who aspirate to build up a fundamental understanding of language. We offer the best German-speaking classes online.

BSL has only one of its kind programs for the German Language, accessible in both classroom and online set-up. Enroll in the BSL Online Classroom to be taught from the ease and security of your home, or learn in our sophisticated modern Lecture rooms, at our center positioned in New Delhi (South).  Batches and programs are flexible for A1, A2, and B1 Levels. We offer a program based on practical German classes so that you can become skilled at German and capable of managing things which are mainly essential for everyday life in Germany. Start anytime, at your appropriate.

 Our USP:

  • Sessions are taken by specialists in all 4 modules: Writing, Listening, Reading, and Speaking.
  • Class Size is based on the fact that individual attention is given to the students.
  • Course study material is planned keeping in mind the requirements of the learners.
  • Time to time evaluation and examinations to assess the learning of the students
  • Multimedia enabled interactive learning


British School of Language helps students with learning on the online German course at all levels with the help of knowledgeable mentors at a tremendously judicious charge. Join British School of Language today and learn German with the entireness of its stages at once. No other platform other than British School of Language can give you such courses at a reasonable cost.

I recommend you to register in the one with a good standing, outstanding track record, and deliver results. The British School of Language is unquestionably a brilliant selection. Though a private setup, the team is enthusiastically dedicated to building a healthy and feasible educative atmosphere.