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Gaining language skills can magnify your thinking to new views, supplements critical thinking and can link you with all types of individuals across borders of territory and language. When it’s about learning French, these reasons are largely correct.

There is not one method to learning French — or any foreign language. There are numerous paths to your language trip; it is not astonishing that picking a learning style or technique can be awe-inspiring! There is no specific method, and it is up to you to decide which one will be feasible for you.


French levels of CEFLR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

It is a method established by the Council of Europe to express the knowledge of a foreign language like French, according to diverse standards. Since 2001, this is a reference in the field of French education.

French levels of CEFR-

CEFR refers to the Common European Framework of Reference. According to CEFR French is divided into four levels of learning.

A1 – Beginner

A2 – Elementary

B1 – Intermediate

B2 – Upper Intermediate

C1 – Advanced

C2- Master Proficient

French Language Course in Kanpur

Searching for the top French language courses and classes in Kanpur? British School of Language is one of the trustworthy and most noticeable foreign language institutions in Kanpur offering the French language courses.

Our institute is centrally located in Fazalganj well linked with road network

If a student wants to be taught French from the best trainer and educator, British School of Language is the right place. In addition to learning to read, speak and write the language, one can also get near the French ethos and civilization.

One of the most seasoned way to learn a foreign language is to understand the view in which it is voiced, thus, British School of Language is one of the finest centers to learn French language in Kanpur. We have both offline and Online French course for the students as we realize the significance of communication with other native speakers for committed work situations. British School of Learning offers online French course with the support of knowledgeable instructors and at a very sensible charge.

Here’s how BSL can help you to learn French

 BSL is one of the noticeable foreign language institutes in Kanpur where the learning atmosphere is a blend of professional language instructors, various programme of education and a comprehensive method en route for language learning. Learning French at BSL is a great experience for novices as well as advance learners. You can look forward to get confidence in varied stages of learning a foreign language i.e. – reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Our Pedagogics:

In addition to being the best teaching French classes in Kanpur, we also carry out wide-ranging instructive courses in languages like English, German, Spanish, and many more. The institution functions with the most refined technology and collective tools and techniques to carry out the teaching periods.

Why BSL?

  • Training by specialists in the field of French Language Training
  • Sensible Charges
  • Practical usage of Languages
  • Local Command
  • Unparalleled in The Market
  • Unique Instructional system
  • Connectivity with road network offering an ease to commute

BSL’s French Language Course for Beginners


Beginner: A1 level

Online French course A1 level is the most basic level of French language education and there are more levels after.

A Learner at A1 Level:

  • Can receive and use identifiable words and simple phrases for real purposes.
  • Can make acquaintance with someone else.
  • Can ask and reply to basic questions about family, relations, backgrounds, etc
  • Can connect in a basic way when the other person speaks slowly and evidently and is ready to repeat or restart to support communication.

British School of language has both offline and Online French course A1 level accessible to all the candidates with a view of training French because we comprehend the impetus of communication with other native speakers for precise workings. British School of Learning provides online French Course A1 level with the help of well-informed and   at a very realistic charge.

Final thoughts:

At British School of language, we realize the value of learning a foreign language particularly French language which is shared in most parts of the globe. Our coaches try their utmost level to convey the knowledge of French to its students applying such a method that they can explore better career options and a guarantee of better life ahead. British School of language has offline, and online courses open for learning French at this level. Our accomplished faculty imparts the learners at this phase so that they can chat in a clear, complete way on a number of topics; express their views on current matters, giving the advantages and faults of the several negotiations.