English speaking for kids in Lucknow

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BSL Summer Camp Feeling boredom these summer vacations??

Nothing exciting left to do for kids?
Tired of old school games?
This summer British school of language (BSL) summer camp is the right destination for your kids where learning comes with fun. Be ready to make your kids even smarter with BSL’s smart classes and unique learning pedagogy. see your kids become the best version of themselves with BSL’s Smart Summer Development Program (SSDP).

Features of BSL Summer Camp

  • Features of BSL Summer Camp
  • Helps your kid in becoming situation smart rather than book smart.
  • Complete the personality transformation of your child.
  • Lifetime opportunity of getting trained with International Quality Trainers.


  • Playing with tongue twisters
  • Spellathon
  • Peekabo
  • Draw a paragraph
  • Pass the apple
  • Where’s the Synonym?
  • Dazzle with Puzzles
  • Adverb Fun
  • Rhyme Rail
  • Health and Safety
  • Fine Dine
  • Pen Picture your book
  • Verb City
  • Spare the dare
  • Research has proved that youngsters with poor language abilities experience a hard time not only with communication skills and self-reliance, but also deliver poor results in subjects like Mathematics and Science in their higher classes. Support your kids in their initial years of learning so that they can develop English language skills that will help them throughout their life. English is the most prevalent widespread foreign language for communiqué in most parts of the world although it is a secondary speaking language in most of the countries including India. Most of the Indian schools, colleges, and universities have English as the medium of instruction. This is one reason why parents wish for their kids to learn English well so that they can perform well in school and college. According to child psychologists, it is much easier to become skilled at a language in early days than in adulthood, and the returns of doing so are abundant.  People confident in English have a sound earning, have right of entry to best educational institutes and profit from better outlook of taking a trip. To sum up in brief, learning English as a youngster assures your accomplishment later in life.At British School of Language, Lucknow, the course is meticulously planned by English language professionals. We have substantial experience in understanding and practice of instructing in English. Sessions are carried out by extremely knowledgeable and well informed educators who keep the environment of every class very lively.

    Here’s how BSL can help your youngster to learn English

    With BSL, your kid will become adroit at more than just the English language. They’ll be adept to communicate themselves with self-assurance that goes even beyond their language expertise.

    The kids will be trained in English with a combination of:

    • Interactive sessions with a passionate trainer, who will boost their inquisitiveness and keep them inspired to practice oral communication in English.
    • The kids will gain from learning with batch mates of a similar age group.
    • Interactive self-sufficient study, planned by your kid’s educator to get them ready for the session – all in a cozy, manageable online learning environment.
    • Our sessions are thought-out to achieve practical expertise and interactive assignments.
    • Each unit is lively with actions, group projects and best materials based on real-world topics that children and teens are really absorbed in.
    • Your children will advance their originality, leadership and association that unlocks the door to a world full of hopes.


     Learning Outcome

    They will become certain of themselves in class and have additional time to work on their spoken communication skills during the class with their instructor and class mates. An enthusiasm for learning English will continue endlessly with them.

    Courses for Four to Ten year-olds

    Learning English is so unproblematic with BSL!

    • Kids experience stress-free relaxed training without the instructor forcing them to perform in class.
    • Courses suitable for children are piloted in small groups.
    • Interactive, encouraging, jubilant lessons.
    • Finest, effectual support.
    • Relevant and interesting training materials to train the kids in easy reading, writing and grammar parts.
    • Learn easily through songs, poetry, discussion and stories – the entire thing in English of course.

    This Level is fitting for beginners. The vocabulary is slowly but progressively amplified with teaching resources and games so that the children are swiftly able to have simple talk in English and appreciate short stories.

    Courses for Nine to Sixteen years olds

     This English course at Lucknow provides a unique tailor-made lessons and advanced level English lessons for learners of all levels – from primary to secondary school. We also organize customized foundation courses for junior school kids and help to gear up your child for secondary school. It is very important to us that your kid has delight while learning!

    Online classes for kids

    Many parents favor online English classes in place of conservative language classes.

    Feasible for the parents and kids

    The ease of online classes is enormous for children and parents alike. The children are tired from attending school for the entire day, if given an opportunity to study from their home; in their comfy casual clothes with some of their favorite snacks they will progress in the class with interest and not take it as a liability. At the same time as they study on a close at hand Personal Computer, their mother can prepare lunch, do household chores or simply rest on the sofa. Isn’t it a Win-win situation for all?

    It makes tailored learning adaptable

    With BSL, customized learning is painlessly reachable and reasonably charges. In conservative language schools, educator’s thoughtfulness is divided with other kids. But in our classes, learners have their trainer’s complete care.The most important thing worth stating is that the session goes at their anticipated pace! A lot of our little learners willingly wait to spend time with their online coaches. A sense of being observed and assisted makes learning English that much more satisfying!

    It suits every pocket

    It’s worthwhile mentioning that online English classes are fairly inexpensive than offline classes. There are also a countless free learning resources offered online!Some parents hesitate that this lower price tag is because of a substandard quality of tutoring. But if you do your research and determine for your methodology wisely, there’s no need for this to be the case!


    Final Thoughts:

    It is no exaggeration to claim that BSL is the best online English class for children in Lucknow. An agreeable coach can keep your child fully absorbed for an hour in a way that any other language course or game just cannot. We provide all the live conversation practice, custom-made response, and human interface of normal language classes, at a judicious price.A satisfying learning exercise that helps the children as they move on. At home your kid will develop their language ability with agreeable, high-quality online learning resources that keep them enthused.Your kid will have the opportunity to grow their English reading, writing and listening know-how in their own convenient time, as they exercise for their next session.If you have any doubts our competent guidance counselor will answer your enquiry and assist you pick the finest for your kid. Your practical decision today will shape his future tomorrow.