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The most common dilemma of a number of learners is that though they are proficient to read and understand book in English, they are incompetent to communicate assuredly in English. The solution is to master “Spoken English”!!English is fundamental to career growth and one’s job prospects increases many fold. People who can speak English effortlessly are favored by companies, be it national or international companies. Freshers with ability and belief in verbal communication and comprehending English have a cutting edge over others.

As a renowned brand name in teaching English, BSL caters to the requirements of the learners in a diverse manner. Now the question arises why are calling it British School of Language, well it’s because- the people who are expert in American English are learning British English as it is elegant and grammatically right.

British School of Language is India’s finest and most trustworthy Spoken English Training Institute since 1971. BSL has inspired more than 300,000 learners to become experts and self-assured people. BSL has been recognized as most extraordinary, continually for more than four decades in preparing and improving the learners.

If you are here and appreciate this, that shows that you aspire to improve your interpersonal capability and oral communication.

Spoken English courses at British School of Language have been diligently planned to build up your English language proficiency. We are positioned in Fazalganj which is centrally located and it’s easy to commute for a learner.

What we provide our learners:

  1. Live online classes
  2. Custom-made study plans
  3. Specialist educators
  4. Personal approach
  5. After successful completion of the course, the students are awarded an online certificate from British School of Language.

You have the autonomy to select your lecture schedule, set a learning plan, and assess your growth. Bond and connect with our brilliant mentors and learners in live online interactive sessions.
You aim to be competent in English for job or merely wish development in your grammatical skills, talking and accent, British School of Language provides a first-class learning platform and specialized training.
Learn by way of our interactive platform, ascertain flexible timing choice, and connect to online sessions at whatsoever time it’s possible for you. Check your growth and get answers from your instructors. Sharpen your English skills in a pleasurable and interactive way with the help of our outstanding personal instructors who will assist you attain something by acting as an educator, coach and counselor.

Here’s how a Spoken English Course Can Help You Speak English Fluently

At British School of Language, we offer personalized training of half an hour one-to-one online English training with our skilled educators. You may have many motives for learning English, it may be for your career, self-improvement or going on an excursion, we cater to your needs in a pleasing manner to build up the skills you need.

Our remarkably experienced trainers will schedule an academic plan with you, focusing on understanding your aim, and as a guide, they will find a tempo and approach that suits you. Sessions are interactive and intended to get you speaking graciously.

Custom-built, Adaptable learning

Our personalized classes are totally custom-made to your need; select a subject or capability that you want to improve, or pick from a learning plan. If you’re not self-assured, you can get professional advice from your instructor. At the end of the session, your instructor will share his opinion about your oral communication performance. The feedback given by our expert team is especially useful for beginners. Our teachers are available from 7 am to 11 pm so you can request training sessions at times that suit you. There is no need for downloads. After your early session, you’ll get entrance to a full custom-made learning plan – including grammar and speaking theme – to work on with your trainer.


Spoken English Courses for Kids:

At British School of Language, a very honest and realistic approach to teaching and learning English is embraced. The actions are taken with the goal of instilling oral communication skills in learners.Kids English Speaking Courses include sessions on:

  1. Phonetics
  2. Songs and Poems
  3. Reading Phonics
  4. Blending and Speaking
  5. Word Formation
  6. Rhyming Words
  7. Family Words
  8. Jumbled Words
  9. Sentence Formation
  10. Story Comprehension
  11. Picture Composition
  12. Word Puzzles
  13. Fee Structure
  14. Personal Trainer


BSL has high standards of training to go well with the distinct needs of each aspirant and promises full satisfaction. The main benefit is that the aspirants can join the coaching at any time as per their own comfort and spread it as they like. We emphasize more on sensible implementation and guarantee that no stone is left unturned all the while. It has to be appreciated that one cannot converse in English surely without first attaining the capacity to think in English. It is this issue which is never considered by other training centers which conduct courses in “Spoken English”. We chip away at Grammar, Vocabulary, Phonetics, Accent, perception capacity and generally significant, practice. Our coaches are well-informed to comprehend the English skills essential to achieve something. Each teacher holds a training aptitude and has also worked in a dedicated setting with practice in wide-ranging areas including banking, marketing, sales, human resources, and more.